Myô works with local entrepreneurs to generate social impact and solve poverty with profit.

Through Human-Centered design, we do a huge investigation to find the pain points of our entrepreneurs and fit the context. Then we deliver solutions with an efficient impact. And for it to succeed, we work with local entrepreneur to implement and make sustainable projects. 

The idea was tested with Hemper. They are a sustainable fashion brand that contributes to the slow fashion revolution. To do this, they combine Nepalese hemp craftsmanship with modern designs, manufacturing socially and environmentally fair products. They give us a team, a challenge and a local entrepreneur to work with.

Year / Company
2018/ Hemper
2 months
Marta Sande, Miguel Martín, Claudia Andrés, Gloria Gubianas and Alex Pastrana
Manuel Quintero, Marta Aguilar and Marta Sande