Fellow in Balloon Chile Pucón-Curarrehue

«The profile of the Fellow is a young person engaged with society, capable of empathising with others and willing to mobilize a community by creating links and empowering its members. Key skills are team work, openness to other cultures and new experiences. The Fellow is part of network of young entrepreneurs from all over the world.”

My work in Chile was the transmission of tools as well as innovation and design thinking methodologies to local entrepreneurs in the Pucón-Curarrehue area. I imparted classes to local entrepreneurs who had a project or an idea in mind. I also lived with them to know how was the process of the project and analyze where we could add a differential value. I spent a lot of time talking and living with them, knowing and learning about the culture of mapuches. It was an amazing experience that enabled me to be empathize and be curious of other culture too different of mine.

Year / Company
2014 / Balloon Chile
2 months
Ittai Flores, Esteban León, Sofía González, Pamela Medina, Matías Ayçaguer, Julissa Chavira, Guido Guerberg, Estefania Molina, Sebastián Gajardo, Valentina Casanova, Loren Gutiérrez, Christian José Beltran, Marco Gallardo