I was responsible for brand creation and strategic communication. Also involved in event organization. It was a big success 170 persons from a broad range of profiles assisted. Our goal was to attract people related to the design sector (architects, interior designers, retailers and students) but also those who consider themselves as curious and with a great sensibility. Esther Rico studio is copartner of this project.

We tried to show industrial design from a different perspective. The guests were welcomed by a wall composed with more than 100 pieces painted by Edjinn, an urban artist, and a video that explained the Faceta’s manufacturing process; it is a limited edition of the product realized by Francesc Gasch Studio, Rosa Cortiella creative contemporary ceramic and Edjinn.

Mosaic was the concept we used to explain what was the event focus: the designers and their pieces. Double sided flyers in order to let people know them better as personas and therefore their product. And finally, an exhibition which shows all the projects of the five designers we wanted to show them.

Year / Company
2015-2016 / Esther Rico Design and Business
11 months
Esther Rico and Jordi Ruiz. DOMO-A (logo), Nom-Nam (naming). Alma Hotels. Edjinn (performance).