Latibule chair

(n.): A hiding place; a place for safety and comfort.

Latibule is a chair that is designed both for private spaces and contract; improving privacy, seclusion and user’s escape.

The main objective was taken into account for the design was to create a piece which was cozy and represented the nature. For this reason the structure, created from wooden sticks, is reinforced with a woven fabric that makes it closer to the user.

The back of the chair is the part that provides more personality to Latibule. The piece is composed of nine wooden sticks ending in a single cylindrical piece under the seat. These are accompanied by a weaving that intertwines with each other without any auxiliary part. In this way, the user thinks that is light and unable, when in fact it is an extremely strong structure.

Year / Company
2014 / ELISAVA. Bachelor’s degree in Design. Interior Design
4 weeks